We are together to add value to your hotel investment with our brand.


We are growing by presenting our 30 years of sectoral knowledge with

business models that will create partnerships in accordance with the expectations of our country's hotel investors.



Anemon aims at the most efficient businesses with a real synergy environment by partnering the hotels to be included under the brand,

as well as the economic potential it produces, as well as the business experience it has gained from its own businesses.



We are together in your goals. We add strength to the power of our investors with our end-to-end competitive power.


1. Planning; We ensure that the facility to be invested is located in the right region, with the right capacity and service standards. 


2. Projecting; In project design, application processes; In all structural processes such as design, construction, technical infrastructure and furnishing, we provide cost advantages focused on quality and high efficiency to our investors.


3.  Management; Central Management Contributions that power hotel management systems


a - Hotel Management Systems


• Service Standards, Human Resources Management,


• For the accommodation experience that creates satisfaction, we dress the business with the written rules of the Hotel Management 

profession, with priority on staff training, establishment of service standards, and the transition of spaces and venues to function; 

We structure your organization with anemone culture and sustainable business model.


• Audit and Reporting We establish and manage transaction and control systems that will respond to the financial expectations of the investment and the investor.

We stand by you in employee-customer loyalty and satisfaction with our periodic audits and continuous in-service trainings.


b - Central Government Contributions


• Sales; Marketing organization; With the central "Sales and Marketing Coordinator" and "Group activities, the progress is made.

With rzvanemon.com and anemonhotels.com, it begins to be managed from a single point within the leading international sales 

channels. Agency, within the scope of organizations; Due to the hotels operated by Anemon under its own management, the feature

 of pricing and contracting at all points with a single communication accelerates cooperation with corporate agencies and 
 institutions working nationally. 


• Purchasing organization; We are partners to our investors Anemone Purchasing power not in any chain in Turkey. Established

 for the hotels under Anemon's own business, the center will be directed to the selection of products and suppliers in parallel
 with the "Purchasing Directorate"; A management that protects standards and reduces costs will be provided.


• Food and Beverage Services management; Our "Food and Beverage Directorate" unit working in parallel with our purchasing 

directorate on cost management; manages the seasonal and budget-appropriate menus and guest satisfaction and sales and cost factors.


• With the intranet system, effective department-based tracking systems: By working in coordination with all Anemon Hotels, 

it will be ensured that all digital memory access and control panels are used in department-based works such as managing the guest 

portfolio, guest loyalty program, technical services.





Brand Usage Agreement (Franchising)

Owner; also undertakes the management. Owner, Facility; operating licenses were obtained, the production was completed in accordance

 with the definition of locations and services that will meet star standards in accordance with the tourism ministry classification 
 qualifications; service supplies and consumables have been completed; "Starts business with the approval of the brand owner. The whole

 operation is under the tax plate, permits and licenses issued on his behalf; With the permission of the brand owner, he uses the brand 
 and the service standards and sales channels with the condition of inspection. By considering the financial records as the original, 
 the brand usage fee calculated over the Total Revenue is paid monthly.


Management Agreement



Rental Agreement 

The Brand Owner undertakes the Management. It conducts the entire operation under the tax plate, permits and licenses issued in its name. 

Brand owner (tenant), Facility; operating licenses will be obtained, and the production is completed in accordance with the definition of 

location and services that will meet star standards in accordance with the tourism ministry classification qualifications. It supplies 

service tools and consumables. Financial pays the rent to the landlord on a monthly basis, calculated based on the records.