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  • Yeni Mahalle 87072 Sokak No:50 Seyhan ADANA
  • +90 (322) 271 02 80 | +90 (322) 271 02 88
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Our hotel, located in Adana which is one of the important cities of East Mediterranean Region and built on 10.000 m2, is of 5 star category and has 15 floors and 140 rooms. One of these rooms have been designed in such a way that our disabled guests can stay in comfort. 112 of our rooms have been arranged to allocate our smoking guests. Unfortunately we do not have suitable rooms to accommodate our pet friends. Being both a city and a congress hotel, our hotel can welcome the guests who want to visit the places such as Seyhan Dam and Reservoir Lake, Sabancı Merkez Mosque and Park, Clock Tower, Old Kazancilar Carsi, Yağ Mosque, Grand Mosque, Stone Bridge, Baby Church, Sakirpasa Mansion, Ataturk Science and Culture Centre, Museum of Archeology  and the ones who want to hold congress, meetings and special organisations.

Our restaurant which serves a wide variety of open buffet breakfast is at your disposal to have a good start of the day

After your city tours or busy meetings you can relax at our sauna and steam room, sip your drink at the garden located at the entrance of the hotel or enjoy yourself at our outdoor pool located at the back yard.

Either for business or pleasure, we will be pleased to welcome you at our hotel where you can stay at a peaceful atmosphere and feel at home.

There are 6 halls at our hotel, 1 of them is a ball room, 1 of them is a wide meeting room and 4 of them are VIP halls for private meetings 

Gold Ball Room is 726 m2. It has a capacity of 700 people for dining, 900 people for congress, 900 people for cocktail and 300 people for training purposes.

Silver Meeting Room is 504 m2 and wide open. It has a capacity of 400 people for dining, 570 people for congress, 570 people for cocktail and 190 people for training purposes.

VIP1 Meeting room is 64 m2 and has a capacity of 20 people as a training class.

VIP2 Meeting room is 64 m2 and has a capacity of 20 people as a training class.

VIP2 Meeting room is 64 m2 and has a capacity of 20 people as a training class.

VIP3 Meeting room is 64 m2 and has a capacity of 20 people as a training class.

VIP4 Meeting room is 64 m2 and has a capacity of 20 people as a training class.

Fitness hall, sauna and steam room are at disposal of all our guests. Moreover, there is a 1000 m2 wide outdoor swimming pool.

Two free of charge parking lots are available for the guests, one indoor with a capacity of 250 vehicles and one outdoor with a capacity of 100 vehicles.

Laundry and ironing are also available for a certain amount of fee.

Moreover, we provide Rent a car and Transfer Services and all kinds of ticketing (Train, Flight, Bus) and there are a florist and photographer.


Our hotel is located in the city of Adana which is one of the main towns in East Mediterranean Region.

It is 5 kms away from  Sakirpasa Airport, 7 kms from  the city centre, and 3 kms from Central Coach Station.  

It is also 12 kms to Tower Clock, 11 kms to Stone Bridge,  10 kms to Sabancı Merkez Mosque and Park, 12 kms to Old Kazancılar Carsı, 11 kms to Grand Mosque and Yağ Mosque, 11 kms to Baby Church, 11 kms to Ataturk Science and Culture Centre, 6.4 kms to Sakirpasa Mansion, 8.9 kms to Archeological Museum,  61 kms to historical Varda Bridge where “James Bond Skyfall” film was shot, nd 52 kms to Yılan Castle

Sakirpasa airport is both a domestic and international airport so many airline companies have scheduled flights to and from it.

Our hotel can be reached by taxi and public transportation from the airport.  Public transportation has stops just in front of the hotel.

On the other hand, there are scheduled intercity bus services from many cities to Adana. From main Coach Station of Adana you can reach to our hotel by public transportation or taxi.

If you travel by your own vehicle, drive from the city centre towards Mersin direction, and it is 2 kms after Osmaniye-Gaziantep ring road exit. If you are coming from outside the city please remember to leave highway at Adana North exit and you will see the hotel.


Anemon Adana Hotel features Adana’s largest meeting rooms where every detail is meticulously planned to provide flawless service for you and your loved ones on your special days, without compromising our service quality and standards set for the entertainment of our valuable guests.


You can find the special, warm and welcoming atmosphere you deserve for all kinds of meetings, seminars, congresses, weddings and other events at Anemon Adana Hotel. Our elegantly decorated modern meeting and ball rooms are able to meet your every need for events of all scales. We are at your service to provide all kinds of technical equipments and hardware to create unforgettable memories or productive meetings. 



Endless source of peace for the soul…


aia spa serves at a number of Anemon Hotels with professional Spa & Wellness teams of local and foreign personnel who make guests feel the difference of their touch. Local and foreign Expert Therapists, Fitness serve hotel guests and members with a 100 percent customer satisfaction understanding. 

aia spa reshapes Anatolian SPA culture and provides the same world class standards at every aia spa facility. We invite you to get enchanted with the magical world of aia spa.



See Adana's Archeology Museum, Ethnography Museum, the old Covered Bazaar, Clock Tower, Yılan (Snake) Castle, old Tepebağ houses and ancient settlements.

Visit the famous Hot Springs with therapeutic waters.

Taste Adana's world famous kebabs.