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Our hotel, located in Denizli which is one of the important cities of Aegean Region and built on 19.000 m2, is of 5 star category and has 8 floors and 126 rooms. Two of these rooms have been designed in such a way that our disabled guests can stay in comfort. 46 of our rooms have been arranged to allocate our smoking guests. Unfortunately we do not have suitable rooms to accommodate our pet friends. Being both a city and a congress hotel, our hotel can welcome the guests who want to do sightseeing tours to nearby places such as Pamukkale, Hierapolis, Afrodisias and the ones who want to hold congress, meetings and special organisations.

Our restaurant which serves a wide variety of open buffet breakfast is at your disposal to have a good start of the day, and on the other hand your breakfast can always be served at your room if you like.

After your sightseeing trips or busy meetings you can relax at our sauna and steam room, rest at our large garden which is away from  all the crowd and noise of the city or enjoy yourself at the our outdoor swimming pool. 

Either for business or pleasure , it will be or pleasure to welcome you at our hotel which is in the nature and where you can stay at a peaceful atmosphere and feel at home.

There are 6 halls at our hotel, 3 of them are  VIP and for private meetings  and other 3 are much wider and for all purpose.

Golden Hall is the widest of all halls in Denizli and has an area of 1008 m2 and height of 5.5m. It has a capacity of 900 people for dining and 1200 people for congress purposes.

Emerald Hall has an area of 400 m2 and height of 5.5m. It has a capacity of 250 people for dining and 300 people for congress purposes.

Ruby Hall has an area of 150 m2 and height of 5.5m. It has a capacity of 100 people for dining and 150 people for congress purposes.

Fitness hall, sauna and steam room are at disposal of all our guests. Moreover, there is a 200 m2 wide outdoor swimming pool. A free of charge parking lot for 80 vehicles is also available for the guests.

Laundry and ironing is available for a certain amount of fee.


There are scheduled flights of Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines from Istanbul to Cardak Airport.

Our hotel can be reached by Havas Shuttle and taxi from the airport. If you want we can pick you from airport up and transfer you to the hotel by a private vehicle for a reasonable amount of fee.

On the other hand, there are scheduled intercity bus services from many cities to Denizli. From main Coach Station of Denizli, you can reach to our hotel by taxi.

If you travel by your own vehicle, please note that we are located at the 3rd km of Denizli-Izmir main road.

There is also public transportation every 15 minutes from hotel to the city center.

Our hotel is located in Aegean Region, north-west of city center, on the way connects Denizli to Izmir and only 15 minutes away from  the down town by car.

It is 65 kms away from Cardak Airport, 25 kms away from Pamukkale and Hierapolis ancient city which receive 3 million visitors per year, 32 kms away from Kaklık Cave, 32 kms away from Afrodisias ancient city, and 87 kms away from Salda Lake which is considered as Maldives of Turkey and visited by 500 thousand people every year.

Our hotel is located at a peaceful, green environment which is far away from all the crowd and noise of the city and where you can have plenty of fresh air.


Osman Gazi Ertuğrul

+90 258 371 80 60


With a beautiful city view, elegant decoration and an exquisite menu featuring world cuisine, our restaurant at the roof floor is a very special place to entertain your friends. Service begins at 6 pm and ends at midnight.


Anemon Denizli is more than happy to assist you with Anemon’s signature service quality for meticulously planned, flawless weddings and other organizations at our beautiful garden with palm trees, poolside or ballrooms and halls. 

You will find the special, warm and welcoming atmosphere you deserve for all kinds of meetings, seminars, congresses, weddings and other events at Anemon Denizli Hotel. Our elegantly decorated modern meeting and ball rooms are able to meet your every need for events of all scales. We are at your service to provide all kinds of technical equipments and hardware to create unforgettable memories or productive meetings. 


Visit the historical Agora,Pergamon and Ephesus.Encompassing an area of 8000 m², Ephesus is the first ancient settlement in history that was built with marble.

See İzmir's landmark Clock Tower, take a walk along Kordon and Kemeraltı Bazaar.

Taste delicious Aegean cuisine famous with seafood and olive oil dishes.


See the world famous, one of a kind travertine terraces of Pamukkale.

Try paragliding. Thanks to Denizli's mild climate, the weather conditions are suitable for flying almost around the year.

Visit the ancient cities of Hieropolis, Laodikeia and Thriepolis.


Lale Restaurant is at your service with Anemon’s very special rich open buffet breakfast at the lobby floor. While having your breakfast you can take a look at daily newspapers or watch the morning news from a large screen plasma TV and make a good start to the day. Breakfast is served from 06.30 am to 10.00 am.


You can sip your hot and cold beverages or alcoholic drinks and have a pleasant time from 10 am until midnight at the Lobby Bar.