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  • +90 (236) 816 25 55 | +90 (236) 816 25 55
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Turkish Airlines has scheduled flights to and from Malatya Erhac Airport.

Our hotel can be reached by Havas Shuttle and taxi from the airport. Havas Shuttle drop-off and pick-up point is 150 away. From there you can walk to the hotel i. If you want we can pick you from airport up and transfer you to the hotel by a private vehicle for a reasonable amount of fee.

On the other hand, there are scheduled intercity bus services from many cities to Malatya. From main Coach Station of Malatya, you can reach to our hotel by taxi or public transportation, i.e tram.

If you travel by your own vehicle, when coming from Gaziantep direction please follow city centre sign so you can reac h to the hotel before the city. The hotel is located 100 m away from ring road. When coming from the city centre follow Gaziantep sign, so you can reach the hotel easily.

There are one ball room, three meeting rooms, a small meeting room for private meetings,  two swimming pools, one indoors and one outdoors, in our hotel.

Sapphire Ball Hall has an area of 1056 m2.  It has a capacity of 850 for banquette and 1300 people for congress purposes.

Agate Meeting Hall has an area of 192 m2.  It has a capacity of 100 for banquette and 150 people for congress purposes.

Agate Meeting Hall has an area of 192 m2.  It has a capacity of 100 for banquette and 150 people for congress purposes.

Ruby Meeting Hall has an area of 91 m2.  It has a capacity of 70 for banquette and 110 people for congress purposes.

Emerald Meeting Hall has an area of 50 m2. It has a capacity of 30 people for a meeting at a U-shaped table, and 50 people for congress purposes.

Jade Meeting Room is designed for private meetings and has a capacity of 6 people

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Turkish Bath, fitness hall, steam room and sauna are at disposal of all our guests  and free of charge.

An outdoor parking lot for 80 vehicles and an indoor parking lot for 20 vehicles are also available for the guests and free of charge.

Laundry, dry cleaning and ironing is available for a certain amount of fee.

Moreover car rental service and paid airport pick-up service are available


Anemon Kula Manisa'ya 118 km, Uşak'a 79 km, İzmir Adnan Menderes Havalimanı'na 140 km uzaklıkta yer almaktadır.

Kula Jeoparkına 11,2 km, Kuladokya 18,3 km.



Kula is declared Turkey's first and the world's 99th geopark area.

Kula's historical mosques, historical fountains, historical houses, historical Emir hot springs, the volcanic Divlit and Sandal mountains,

the fairy chimneys of Kuladocia are all worth a visit. See the "Burnt Country" of the Antiquity and taste locally produced vines.