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  • Sandal mahallesi Atatürk_2 Caddesi. No: 301 İzmir-Ankara Devlet Karayolu Üzeri Sandal Beldesi Mevkii KULA / MANİSA
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The existence of high quality formations has been known for two thousand years due to the geopark area of ​​Manisa Kula District, young volcanoes. The great geographer of the ancient period Strabo (63 BC-AD 24) named Kula as "Katakekaumene", that is, "Burnt Country", because of the coal-black basalt stones in his encyclopedic book "Geography". Strabo wrote in his book "Geography", which he wrote two thousand years ago: "...after crossing this field, you reach the land of Katakekaumene. In this country, there is not a single tree other than the vines, from which the "katakekaumenite" wines, which do not lack any of the best quality wines, are produced. and that the wines obtained from these vineyards were not inferior in quality to the well-known Italian wines of that day such as Falarnea and de Aminea. On page 153 of the same book, he mentions "...The land of Katakekaumene produces very fine wine, which is used both for pleasure and for medicinal purposes". The vineyards and their wines grown in this land, which was known as the Burnt Land in ancient times due to its young volcanoes, were also very famous in ancient times. For example, Vitruvius (80-70 BC, 15 AD) put forward the assumption that the different tastes of the fruits depend on the structure of the soil they grow, and he also cites the Katakekaumene wine as an example. Pliny, on the other hand, counts Katakekaumenites as worthy of mention among the foreign wines other than the wines of the Italian peninsula. In summary, we are bringing the legendary wines of this region, which comes from the black lands of the Burnt Land and is full of fertile vineyards where the most beautiful wines in mythology, are made, to life again as "Burnt Country Wines" wines.




Burn Country Wines, which is part of Anemon Hotels, Turkey's most widespread domestic hotel chain, is established on 2500 decares of land in the Kula Region of Manisa. Burnt Country Wines, its own vineyards, the factory and storage units inside the vineyard, the Hotel-Restaurant-Library-Tasting Room facilities called Villa Estet by Anemon Collection, also the Sensus Wine boutique ( and the vineyards. It is a fully integrated wine company with its wine boutiques serving Turkish Wine, Turkish Cheese and Turkish Olive Oils located in Istanbul/Galata-Kuruçeşme-Eskişehir-Ankara-Manisa in Turkey.




Burn Country Vineyards is on lava stones on the slopes of Divlit Volcano. Teruar is the same as the Italian Etna Volcano Region terroir. Our vineyards are at an altitude of 924 meters above sea level, which is very suitable for growing wine together with the climate. As of the end of 2021, our planted land is 800 acres. 16 different grape varieties are grown in our vineyards. These are: Whites: Muscat, Chardonnay, Viognier, Cataratto, Gewurztraminer, Narince Reds: Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Nerello Cappuccio, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Nerello Mascalese, Petit Verdot, Boğazkere, Öküzgözü.







  After the grapes are harvested in our vineyards, they are taken directly to the winery without traveling, so the characteristics and aromatic properties of the grapes are preserved in the best way. Our careful growing and harvesting process is accompanied by our meticulous winemaking process. Temperature-controlled steel fermentation and storage tanks and American and French oak barrels of Radoux, Mercury, Sylvain, Nadalie brands are used in our winery, which is established at international standards.




All of our cellars are made with special stones brought from the Cappadocia region. These stones are a natural insulation material thanks to their porous structure and maintain the ideal temperature and humidity ratio required for wines. Thanks to these stones, there is no need for an air conditioning system in our cellars. Sample samples of all wines made from the past to the present are stored in our cellars with the logic of the library. There are 2 tasting rooms for special groups in our cellars. Tasting events can be organized for up to 50 people.




 In our vineyards, we have a 16-room boutique hotel with tourism operation certificate. Each room of the hotel has a separate bedroom and sitting area. In addition, each room has its own large-screen LCD TV, DVD player, music set, kettle, double minibar for wine and other beverages, and high-speed internet services for agro tourism.

At Villa Estet, you can have a fresh start to the day in the pool against the view of the vineyards. With the first light of the morning, while the vineyards and vines are still under the morning chill, you can prune with our vineyard team and enjoy being intertwined with the vines that give life to the wine.


You can taste the wines of Burnt Country Vineyards in the private tasting room at Villa Estet… While you get information about winemaking techniques in the company of our winemaker and vineyard manager at the Winery, you can be the first to taste the wines waiting to be bottled from barrels or tanks.

You can enjoy your wine in our wine cellar.

You can enjoy the unique sunset and vineyard view with a glass of wine.




We have a restaurant with a seating capacity of 100 people, 50 indoors and 50 outdoors. In our restaurant, we give place to local tastes without sacrificing quality and hygiene, as well as food samples from world cuisines. We make our pizzas in the stone oven in our restaurant. In addition, we offer our grill varieties in our outdoor barbecue. Many products we offer to our guests are Bread Jam Molasses Pasta varieties, etc. We make and serve ourselves organically.

In the restaurant, you can enjoy our menu specially prepared for wine - food pairing beyond a standard menu.



Burn Country Vineyards is 1 hour and 40 minutes to the center of Manisa by road transportation; It is 1 hour 5 minutes away from Uşak center and 13 minutes away from Kula.


The inner Aegean Vineyard Route, which also includes the Burnt Country Vineyards, will take you to the wine route where a significant part of wine production is carried out in Turkey.

With its thousands of years of history and geography, this region, located within the Kula Salihli geopark, is among the beauties of Turkey that needs to be discovered, and covers the entire administrative borders of Kula and Salihli districts of Manisa.

The total area of ​​the geopark is 2320 km2.

Kula Salihli Geopark contains natural, geological, cultural and archaeological riches.

There are many natural heritages from fairy chimneys to karst caves, from canyons to volcanic cones in and around Kula.

In addition to the geological heritage, Kula has a rich historical and cultural heritage with its well-preserved Ottoman urban architecture.

On September 4, 2013, Kula Volcanic Geopark was declared a member of Turkey's and Europe's first and only UNESCO Geoparks Network.

We have compiled the places you can visit and see when you come to Yanık Ülke.




Kula Fairy Chimneys

Kula fairy chimneys located in the Kula region, which is known to have a geological structure with volcanic factors; They are natural formations that occur when the flood waters descending from the valley slopes and the wind erode the structure consisting of tuffs. These mysterious structures, formed by natural factors over hundreds of years, lead people to think and discover about the existence of the world. How about discovering the Kula fairy chimneys, which is 23 km away from Yanık Ülke and can be reached in 18 minutes by car?

Divlit Volcano

When you come to Divlit Volcano, which is 26 km north of Villa Estet Bağ Hotel, you can see two volcanic cones, one big and the other small, on the shore of Demirköprü Dam Lake. It creates an interesting view with the large cone called "Çakallar Tepesi" or "Divlittepe" by the local people and the blue waters of the "Küçük Divlit" dam lake, which is about 1 kilometer away. The hill on the slope of which the abandoned Çakallar village is located is the youngest formation of the Kula volcanism and there are footprints of people who lived 10-12 thousand years ago in this area.

Tasyaran Valley

A miracle of nature that is unique in Turkey and surprises those who see it. A natural beauty formed by the erosion of hard rocks by the Imren Stream for thousands of years. Taşyaran Valley, formed by water and wind like embroidery on the rocks after a major fault rupture, is one of the most interesting natural beauties of Anatolia. Taşyaran Valley, near Uşak Yenişehir village, is located near Kula on the Uşak-İzmir road. Taşyaran Valley, which is 30 minutes and 41 km away from Yanık Ülke by car, is one of the best routes for day trips.

Sardis Ancient City

Sardis Ancient City is known as the ancient city located in the Salihli district of Manisa and was the capital of the Lydian state. It was founded in 1300 BC and was destroyed in 1200 BC. According to the known history, the first place where money was printed is the ancient city of Sardis. It is also the beginning of the famous King's Road in history. The word "sard", which is the Western name of the orange quartz stone, which has been used as a precious stone for a long time, comes from the Sart region where the stone was mined in ancient times. Quartz stone and gold are still being extracted here. It is 37 minutes and 50 km away from Yanık Ülke by car and is spread on both sides of the İzmir-Ankara highway.


It is possible to reach Bintepeler or Bintepe Tumulus Tombs, which are 60 km away from Villa Estet Bağ Hotel, in 40 minutes by car. The most famous of the tumuli tombs, of which 115 have been preserved until today, belongs to the Lydian king Alyattes. The tumulus of Alyattes, with a diameter of 355 meters, a height of 69 meters and a circumference of 1115 meters, is among the largest tumulus tombs in the world.

Ulubey Canyon

Ulubey Canyon, which turned into a nature park on June 27, 2013, is located within the borders of Ulubey in Uşak province. Ulubey Canyon, which is the second longest canyon in the world with a length of 77 km, is thought to have been formed by the collapse of the Büyük Menderes graben. The glass terrace, 150 meters high and 135 square meters, built in 2015 by the Uşak Governorate, Uşak Special Provincial Administration and Ulubey District Governorship, welcomes thousands of tourists every year. Ulubey Canyon is located at a distance of 1 hour 11 minutes and 81 km from Yanık Ülke by car.


Pamukkale, which is one of the most popular visiting points of local and foreign tourists, is included in the World Heritage List determined by UNESCO. Pamukkale Travertines, one of the most beautiful travertine examples in the world; In addition to visual richness, it is good for heart ailments, rheumatism, digestion, respiration, circulation and skin disorders. Pamukkale travertines, which are 125 km away from Yanık Ülke, can be reached in 2 hours by car.