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  • Pelitli mahallesi Pelitli İpek sokak No:2, 61010 Ortahisar/Trabzon
  • 0 462 300 00 11
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Standing out with its modern style among Trabzon hotels, Anemon Trabzon Hotel with 80 standard and 8 suites is decorated with elegant and functional details. Wireless internet is available free of charge in the rooms equipped with luxury toiletries. Many rooms offer views of the Black Sea and Airport. Erguvan Restaurant invites its guests to enjoy a delicious open buffet breakfast in its warm décor and a spacious atmosphere overlooking the sea.


Providing service in Trabzon, one of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea, Anemon Trabzon Hotel offers accommodation in Trabzon Center. Located right across Trabzon Airport, Anemon Trabzon Hotel has a very advantageous location in this sense.

Ortahisar region
Eurasia University - 18 min walk
Karadeniz Technical University - 21 min walk
Farabi Hospital - 33 min walk
Forum Trabzon Shopping Center - 35 min walk
Kalkinma Mahallesi Mosque - 41 min walk
Hagia Sophia Mosque 6.2 mi away
Ataturk's Mansion 10 km away


Atatürk Pavilion

When Atatürk made his first visit to Trabzon in 1924, he was hosted but not accommodated in this mansion. When he honored Trabzon for the second time in November 1930, he was hosted in the mansion and was very pleased. He stayed two nights in the mansion arranged for him in June 1937, and on the night of June 11, he decided to present all his assets to the Turkish nation he loved dearly, and prepared a list of his assets and sent it to the Prime Minister for the necessary actions. Ataturk said the following while dedicating his assets from the mansion in Trabzon to his nation: "Property and property give weight to me. I will be relieved to donate them to my nation. The wealth of man must be in his own spiritual personality. I want to give more things to my great nation."

SUMELA Monastery

The Sümela Monastery, built on a steep cliff in the foothills of Montenegro, which dominates the Altındere valley, within the borders of Altındere Village of Maçka District of Trabzon, is known as the "Virgin Mary" among the people. The structure, which is about 300 meters above the valley, has continued the tradition of establishing monasteries outside the city, in forests, caves and waterfront. It is said that the monastery, founded in the name of the Virgin Mary, took its name "Sumela" from the word "molasses" which means "black". Although this name is thought to come from the dark-colored Montenegro, where the monastery was established, the word Sumela can be attributed to the black color of the depiction of Mary here.

The Hagia Sophia Mosque

It was built in Trabzon between the years 1250 - 1260 by King Manuel I, who founded the Trabzon Empire in 1024. After the conquest of Trabzon by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1461, it was converted into a mosque by Kurd Ali Bey in 1584 by adding a pulpit and a muezzin hall to the church. However, the mosque was not repaired for a long time and was closed to worship. Thereupon, it was converted into a mosque again after being repaired by Greek masters with 95.000 kuruş collected by the Muslim community in 1865.