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  • İslice Mahallesi Polis Sokak No:16 Merkez/Uşak
  • 02762272323
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There are 70 rooms in our hotel. In our rooms, we have a minibar, split air conditioning, satellite broadcasting, hair dryer, full and special TV selection system, cushioning system, special electronic safe system, water heater service.


It is in the center of our city, which is the city of firsts, named after the city of Lovers and is as rich as Karun, 7.4km to Uşak airport, 101km to Zafer airport, 1.5km to the train station, 2.5km to the intercity bus terminal, 500m to the city history museum, 2.2km to the Uşak museum. at a distance Uşak is an industrial city located on the borders of the Aegean Region and the Inner Anatolian Region, and there are many natural beauties to visit around it. Ulubey canyons is known as the second largest canyon in the world and is 33 km away from the city center. One of these natural beauties is the Taşyaran valley, which was formed as a result of au, wind and tectonic movements, and its distance from the city center is 50 km.